The Internet of Supply Chain

Jeeva Parsairâ„¢ enables the connectivity range and streaming capabilities of Bluetooth with the connected life of RFID, all in an extremely small form factor.

These transformative features enable supply chain optimization and asset tracking capabilities for use cases where cost, size, range, and power consumption previously prevented IoT adoption.

Current Customer Use Cases

Industrial Process Controls icon

Manufacturing & Warehousing

  • Track distributed inventory
  • Ensure cold chain service levels
  • Perform machine health & digital twin modeling
retail shopping cart icon

Consumer Packaged Goods

  • Automate product replenishment
  • Unlock holistic supply chain visibility
  • Enable product utilization monitoring
healthcare icon

Healthcare & Medical Devices

  • Track & replenish product inventory
  • Track assets & monitor performance
  • Ensure protocols compliance
manufacturing icon

Industrial Process Controls

  • Monitor oil & gas pipelines
  • Sense toxic gasses & enable alerts
  • Enable predictive maintenance
agriculture icon

Precision Agriculture

  • Enable environmental sensing
  • Increase yield optimization
  • Improve resource management
smart networks icon

Smart Networks

  • Monitor smart assets
  • Optimize utilities consumption
  • Track & manage package delivery