Creating Your Battery-free Connected World

At Jeeva, we take a consultative approach and work closely with customers to completely understand their goals and processes before developing and deploying a tailored solution including ongoing support and services.

Platform Specifications:

  • 860-960 MHz long-range protocols including 802.15.4g
  • Capable of 1 Mbps at room scale deployments (< 10 m range) and 10 kbps at extended ranges up to 100 m
  • Consumes less than 100 microwatts of power during transmissions
  • MAC and network designed to handle large-scale, multiple endpoint deployments
  • Remote-wake capability for increased energy savings and selective bandwidth conservation
  • Compliant with all regulatory agency requirements
  • Actively managed network prevents interference with other equipment
Jeeva Backscatter Engineering Kit

  • Completely customizable development and evaluation kit
  • Perfect for embedded IoT system designers looking for a low-power, long-range solution for wireless sensor data
  • Provides early access to all features of Jeeva passive backscatter RF communications platform in advance of Jeeva passive backscatter modem ASIC near-zero-power system
  • Kit includes:
    • Reference design, application notes and platform documentation
    • Two Jeeva Endpoint prototypes: extended form-factor “system on board” package, pin-compatible with modem ASIC to facilitate drop-in upgrade when available*
    • Two Jeeva Companion/Gateway devices for complete network integration and system testing
    • Two Universal Companion Power Supplies
    • Pre-configured Demo Phone (with network management app)
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Debug Tool & Adapter
    • Access to Jeeva Cloud Service

Jeeva Backscatter Engineering Kit

Platform includes:

Jeeva Endpoint: Remote sensor interface featuring Jeeva passive backscatter modem ASIC (Projected Availability: Q4, 2020*)

  • Supports multiple physical layer protocols for high rate/low-latency uplink:
    • 802.15.4g (6.25 – 1000 kbps)
    • Chirp Spread Spectrum (0.3 – 37.5 kbps)
  • Downlink communication:
    • Addressable “Wake on Radio”
    • Coded downlink data at 5-50 kbps
  • Supports Slave SPI interface as modem/peripheral
  • Standalone tag applications with UID
  • Pairs with MCU and sensor for sensing applications
  • Includes MAC layer with association, support for periodic polling, advertising poling and streaming sensor data
Jeeva Companion: ​Standards-compliant RF power source

  • Provides RF power for remote harvesting and backscatter communications
  • Transmits up to +30 dBm with APC and CSMA
  • Scaleable selection of Cortex MCU family
  • Includes AES support for encryption of backchannel communication

Jeeva Gateway: Standard hardware base station receives backscatter data from remote endpoints. Includes Ethernet and Wi-Fi backhaul uplink options

*​Jeeva anticipated delivery dates for Backscatter Engineering Kit and ASIC modem subject to change.