Reimagining Wireless Connectivity

Jeeva’s roots can be traced back to a University of Washington research lab, where Jeeva’s founding team invented and experimented with new techniques for ultra low power connectivity.

Today, Jeeva is redefining the standard in wireless connectivity by providing a new tool in the arsenal of product designers and engineers everywhere: A general purpose, streaming-capable backscatter connectivity platform.

There’s nowhere to go but up: Backscatter can be done in any frequency band and with any protocol, and can be implemented in a number of different ways, making it possible to span a nearly infinite variety of system configurations and application requirements.

Prior founding Jeeva, our technical team spent years at the University of Washington working together to push the boundaries of wireless power, computing and communications, earning multiple awards for their many publications and sparking a new field of study around backscatter connectivity in the academic and industrial research community.